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    Your Story + Mr. Ting = Mind Blown

  • How We Do It

    Mr. Ting specializes in groundbreaking entertainment. From long-form TV to short-form digital content, sizzle reels, promos, even sock puppets, Mr. Ting will bring your story to life. VADI © Video Audio Dynamic Integration is a system we created and we’re constantly perfecting. Whether it’s 6 seconds or 60 hours, we specialize in taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Because of our vast skills and wizardry in all phases of production, there’s no limit to what we can do.

  • We Listen

    From inception through completion, we make sure your needs and wants are accomplished beginning with a solid preproduction plan through postproduction deliverables.

  • We're Storytellers

    It’s human desire to want to express yourself, and sometimes you need a little help. We are creators. It’s about the inspiration, the chase, the learning, and emotion. It’s always trying something new. It’s about taking risks, but being smart. Formats change all the time, and it’s about making anything possible. Or at least we have tried.

  • We're Interactive

    We are consistently pushing ourselves to stay ahead of the curve. Technology changes everyday, and we sharpen our swords and are undaunted by the future before it even happens. No one is faster, better, stronger, edgier, hungrier, funnier or healthier – minus a few cocktails. If the shoe fits, we’ll run with any size production, idea or notion.

  • Fancy a miracle?

    Browse our services below

  • Preproduction
    • Strategic Creative Planning
    • Writing/Structure/Stacking
    • Creative Consultation
    • Incubation and Tilting
  • Production
    • Small, Mid-Range, Full Scale Production
    • Digital Content
    • Social Experiments
    • Branded Integrations
    • Sizzles
    • Promos
    • Short-Form
    • Long-Form
    • Show Opens
  • Post Production
    • In-house Editing and Finishing
    • In-house Grx and Design



Mr. Ting Productions is small but mighty. Husband and wife team, Daniel Rogers and Patricia Childress, incubate ideas, generate entertainment, and deliver excellence. Bold, daring, and fearless.
Mr. Ting Productions is bold. We understand that every client is different, so our approach is never the same.  With decades of experience, we bring the awe to your some.
Mr. Ting Productions is daring. We lead. We inspire. We innovate. Smarter questions lead to better answers. We don’t duplicate, we initiate. And that begins with our foundation value of listening. We listen to your needs, create a realistic roadmap, and we execute greatness.
Mr. Ting Productions is fearless. Just because something has never been done before, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Anything is possible. We operate from our core values of integrity, authenticity, and clarity.

We bring the AWE to your SOME!

Anything is possible...

Because you're awesome.

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