Who We Are

Patricia Childress
CEO, Executive Producer, Creative Ninja

Emmy Winning Producer

Patricia’s an Emmy winning producer, creator and director. A visionary in traditional TV, Patricia’s also a pioneer in the digital domain where she’s created original programs and formats. A seasoned showrunner in reality docu-series, short-form entertainment, and branded integrations, Patricia has a proven track record for making things extraordinary.

Built from scratch
Made with heart


Blood, sweat, tears and more sweat. Mr. Ting was formed in 2010. We specialize in creative incubation, social experiments, new media, and making the impossible happen.

Ideas Unlimited

No pets, no plants, no kids. Patricia lives for her work. She’s obsessive and sometimes compulsive about executing ideas. If she can “see” it, it can happen.

Unleash your fun

Storytelling is an art. Art is fun. Everyone should have fun, but not everyone knows how to tell a good story. Come on over, and let us help you tell a killer story. 

Daniel Rogers
Director, Editor, Creator

Emmy Winning Editor

Daniel’s an Emmy Award winning editor. He moved from his native land of Brazil decades ago to pursue his love of film. After graduating from The Brooks Institute, Daniel worked as a cinematographer, an assistant director and a producer. It was around that time that the Avid found him, sat him down and never let him go. The rest is history.

Magic Fingers

Daniel has worked his editing magic cutting shows like Extreme Makeover, American Idol, Tyra Banks, and a gaggle of sizzles that went on to become blockbuster TV shows.

Infinite Creativity

Profoundly proficient with the Avid, he is a magic maker on other non-linear systems as well. Clients are repeatedly blown away by his lightning-fast hands, keen sense of style, and uncanny ability to make the impossible happen in an edit.


After years of working closely with some of the most elite executives in the business, Daniel understands what needs to be seen and heard to capture the viewer’s heart and attention. As a result, his name undoubtedly stamps a seal of awesomeness and high ratings. In addition to TV magic, Daniel has directed and edited dozens of digital series, films, trailers, promos, and commercials.
Daniel is always pioneering new ways to create, execute and stylize entertainment in all of its various forms.